Rent A Room Scheme Contract Template

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If you’re renting a room in your home with the intention of claiming the rent a room relief you need to put a rent a room scheme tenancy (lodger) agreement or a licence in place.

You are not protected by tenancy laws as you are renting under a license.

Our legal template has been created specifically for those renting a room in their home in Ireland. It has been reviewed by an Irish solicitor. It is a word template which you can edit for free using Google Docs or Word.

Our contract includes:

  1. Defined clearly as a license agreement
  2. Start date and duration
  3. Licence Fee
  4. Notice Period
  5. Smoking, pet, food & alcohol and guest policies
  6. Late payments
  7. Insurance
  8. Non-assignment
  9. Room inventory
  10. Fair usage of utilities

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  1. Michael

    Very helpful template, it covers a lot of things I hadn’t considered.

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